...and the Winners are....

So Thanksgiving is just days away and as you know I've been struggling with what pies to make.

My sister's mother-in-law requested by Southern Sweet Potato Pie (I made it last year for the family Thanksgiving and it was gobbled up quick).

Since my sister is vegan I wanted to make sure that I made at least one pie vegan-friendly. Which really is not that hard - just use vegan margarine spread (not all margarine's are - look for "whey") when making the crust or crumble top (keeping the margarine cold enough is the trick).

So I started to browse online and in my various Pie Recipe books and settled on the following.

  • Southern Sweet Potato Pie (w/ graham cracker crust)
  • Butter Pie (w/ graham cracker crust)...which has basically just a sugar, egg, butter, vanilla center
  • Vegan Apple Lattice Pie (that contains black current preserves, raisins and nuts)

Luckily the Butter Pie and Southern Sweet Potato Pie are required/can be chilled for a day before serving meaning a bake schedule of:

Tuesday - Butter Pie
Wednesday - Southern Sweet Potato
Thursday (AM) - Apple Pie

I'll post pictures and recipes as I make each.

Happy Eating!


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