Review: Tasty n Sons

Tasty n Sons is located in NE Portland, in the Mississippi neighborhood,
was recommended to me by a co-worker.

I had a friend coming in from out of town
and we went the first morning she was here.
The building is small and narrow.
The tables are close together to give the family dining feel
(plates are served family style).
We sat at the Chef's Bar which I love. Getting to see the cooks in action and the food created is such a joy!
It took me a while but I had to get a picture of this
KGB hat on one of the line chefs.
We didn't have any but what a great name!
Belladonna!? Doesn't sound like a cocktail I'll be trying anytime soon.
We did however try both the Chocolate Potato Doughnut
and the Griddled Bacon Wrapped Dates
The doughnut was so fresh and hot it steamed when we split it in two. 
The outside was a hard crackling shell and inside just moist and fluffy.

I had read some not-so-good reviews about these Dates
(someone got an unpitted one) but these were so yummy.
I love dates, bacon, almonds and maple syrup - why not combine them?
Because this was a special indulgence foodie weekend we had to try as many dishes as we could fit into our stomachs. So we also ordered the Auntie Paula's French Toast and the Moroccan Chicken Hash.
No syrup needed with a maple infused whipped cream!
We finished the meal off with the Hash.
It was slightly spicy and had wonderful flavors.
Nice way to neutralize the sweetness of the French Toast.
There was no room for dessert but I thought
I'd take a picture of the menu anyway.

So if you're ever in Portland and in the NE side looking for something yummy to share (or keep to yourself) I highly recommend Tasty n Sons.


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