C is for Cookie!

How did it get to be December 1st already? How are the holidays only three weeks away? I have a family holiday party on the 19th, last day of work (when I wanted to bring a plate of cookies for co-workers) is the 22nd, then Christmas on the 25th!!!!! 

I need to start baking!

As with Thanksgiving I always like to try new recipes. Find the new treat that will turn my family into Cookie Monster. So last night I sent out a FB request to friends asking what their favorite "must have" Christmas cookie is and went through my box of recipes and pulled out any cookie recipe I could find.

Friends, so far, have either reaffirmed some thoughts on cookies and some have just added to the list of potentials. Seeing as I don't have the recipes though I have to stick with the cookies in my little yellow recipe box.....oh wait I don't have time to bake almost 20 different types of cookies!!

So here's where I need help...what cookies should I bake?

Angie's Coconut Cookies
1. Grandma Angie's Coconut Cookies (also known as Dream Cookies or 7 Layer cookies)
2. Frosted Date Creams (filled with soft dates and chopped nuts)
3. Hot Chocolate Cookies (think Mexican Hot Chocolate in a cookie - cayenne pepper and all)
4. Mexican Wedding Kisses (sometimes known as Russian Tea cakes)
5. Great Gramma's Molasses Cookies (these are the non-vegetarian ones I mentioned in an earlier blog)
6. Cream Cheese Cookies
7. Maple Pecan Shortbread
8. Hungarian Walnut Cookies (strangely enough it's my Italian grandmother's recipe)

10. Butter Koek (pronounced "cook" and is similar to Shortbread)
11. Crunchy Surprise Bars (peanut butter, raisins, chocolate chips)
12. Peanut Butter & Jam Bars
13. Macaroons
14. English Butter Crisps
17. Pumpkin Spice Cookie (with the Eggnog Glaze)
18. Standard Sugar Cookies
19. Chocolate Chip (an oldie but a goodie)

Any thoughts? Any you'd like to just see the recipe for? Any other cookies you'd like to share the recipe of with me? 



  1. haha wow, that's too many cookies to choose from! and it's hard because I haven't had over half of them, macaroons are definitely a good choice, any kind of sugar cookies are a good choice, I myself am a big fan of penut butter cookies, and I dunno what they're called, but they're peanut butter cookies with a bite size reeses pb cup in the center, can also do with hershey kis, but the pb cup one is a favorite of mine. I also love chocolate cookies, I haven't tried the caramel apple cookies yet! but I do LOVE the pumpkin spice ones!!! I'm probably not much help here hahahahaha

  2. What cookies haven't you heard of and I can enlighten you? Yum yum.

    And as for not having tried the caramel apple cookies.....GET ON IT! :) You'll love them.


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