Recipe: Chorizo y Garbanzos

I took a look at previous postings and almost went into diabetic shock just reading about all the sugar! I thought I might fix that with a savory recipe.

It's warm and delicious. It can feed a few or a lot of people (very easy to multiply). And if you like spicier foods you can always kick this up a notch. It's Chorizo y Garbanzos!

2 T olive oil
1 can Garbanzo Beans (also known as chickpeas) - drained and rinsed
6oz Chorizo (chopped or ground - I prefer ground)
Fresh spinach leaves (I buy the pre-washed in a bag)
1/2 chopped onion
Salt and Pepper to taste
Bread crumbs to top

- 1 T olive oil, garbanzo beans and onions into saute pan - medium heat - until garbanzo's start to brown. Remove from pan.
- 1 T olive oil and the chorizo, cook thoroughly.
- Add garbanzo bean mixture to the chorizo; add salt and pepper to taste (if you like spicy try using cayenne pepper)
- Turn down heat and add fresh spinach leaves and cover until leaves have wilted.
-Serve with a sprinkle of bread crumbs on the top.

It's fast. 
It's delicious.
And it'll leave you craving it again and again.


  1. This sounds so great :) Sometimes it's hard to find chorizo in my supermarket, but I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

  2. Understandable. I'm also very picky about my chorizo. I bought a brand once (in similar packaging as above) that was full of gristle and bone shards - not a good experience.


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