Review: PING!

On Tuesday my staff went to Ping - located in Old Town China Town - to celebrate being a staff, the upcoming holidays and my boss's 5 year anniversary with the company.

Ping has a happy hour that starts at 2:00PM! As well as great lunch and dinner menus.
Ping was created and conceived by the same people as
Pok Pok and Whiskey Soda Lounge

We decided to eat family style so that way we were able to try a little bit of everything.
First things first. We ordered cocktails.
I had a Singapore Sling!
(Didn't have a picture of it so I found one online).
It was SUPER strong!
From there we had a few little starters
while we looked at the menu
A basket of Shrimp Chips, Deep Fried Little Fish
and a spicy lime/chili peanut mix
Thai style Pork Meatballs
Shrimp skewers with lime, salt and pepper

Chicken skewers and baby octopus

Beef skewers (with my favorite cucumber chili salad on the side)
Lamb skewers and the special of the day Boar skewers.
(The boar was so tender and yummy)

The skewers were accompanied by slightly sweet (and slightly greasy) flatbread.
And really how could we have skipped over the sticky rice?
(I told you we had a little bit of everything)
My FAVORITE was the Salapao (steamed pork bun).
I could have eaten a dozen of these.
However, I settled with taking two home with me.
Of course, as all good foodies do, we finished with dessert. This was the Pandan ice cream (not at all my favorite - rice, pistacio ice cream, chocolate sauce and peanuts) - we also had a vanilla custard/cream with graham crackers on top that was Delicious!

I had never been to Ping before but it's a destination I can see going back to a few more times. After all I have to try the many other items on the menu!


  1. Look at those lovely shots. I wish I live in a more diverse chinatown in my state....a bit bland actually. Haven't been in a food trip in a while, but you have inspired me. =) are officially in my favorite blog list =)



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