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I hope everyone can bear with me while I continue my search for the perfect signature cupcake. As you might have seen this past weekend I made three different cupcakes: Mexican Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Icing, Angel food with Apricot filling and an Angel food with Lemon Curd filling.Thank goodness for a family pot luck and co-workers to help eat them up so they don't sit around the house taunting me.

The chocolate and lemon curd filling ones were pretty darn good; and probably will be made in the future both as cupcakes and as whole cakes. However, I didn't fall in love. I'm not 100% sure they are the ones I want to serve at my sister's bridal shower. 

So I'm still on the hunt for the perfect cupcake. 

Here is where you come in. I have a few options below of which ones to test out next. I have the name and description of each cupcake below and a poll on the side of the blog --> for you to let me know which you think I should try out next. (Thanks for your help!)

Cupcake Possibilities

1) Pumpkin Cupcakes with a Butter cream frosting
2) Golden Caramel Cupcakes (dulce de leche type caramel)
3) Chocolate Cupcake with Peanut Butter frosting (from the Barefoot Contessa)
4) White cake with Orange Buttercream Frosting
5) Honey Cupcakes (honey, vanilla & buttermilk cakes with honey/lemon juice icing)
6) Lemon-Filled Coconut Cupcakes (made with coconut milk and coconut flakes on top)
7) Boston cream cupcake (so a Boston cream pie turned cupcake)
8) Almond Joy Cupcake (coconut cake with shredded coconut, almonds and chocolate on top)
9) Apple cupcake (with chopped apples and apple butter in the base)
10) Lemon Kiwi Cupcake (lemon cake with kiwi cream center)


  1. That Lemon Kiwi sounds delicious! :) yummm

  2. I vote Pumpkin, but with cream cheese frosting!

  3. The honey sound easily devourable, nom nom! As much as I'd go with a chocolate or lemon the honey would almost be like a vanilla esque and an easy neutral for different tastes and palletes

  4. I love caramel... but a decision like this can't just be made willy nilly! You should take into account WHEN the shower is. A spring shower should not have a pumpkin cupcake... Nor should Summer involve a chocolate cupcake... see different season's call for different flavors.

  5. Personally I say #1 or #2! (the pumpkin cupcakes or the caramel ones) :)

  6. Cool people think you should make Boston Cream Cupcakes... Which would really be like an Eclair.

  7. Is that what you want when I come to visit? :)We can make it happen. Do you have a cupcake pan?


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