Honk for Japan

It's always important to remember that no matter what curve balls life is throwing at you there is going to be someone - somewhere - who is going through something harder...something you can't even begin to imagine.

I saw this on facebook today and had to share it here:

I was sorry to hear that I'd missed a the Bloggers Day of Silence on March 18th and am a little behind.

If you want to help there are many organizations taking donations and offering support to Japan:

The American Red Cross
Global Giving
Save the Children

Look into efforts in your town. Donating money is only one way. In Portland the Japanese Garden has a Memorial Wish Arbor for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims.

"To serve the community, the Portland Japanese Garden has erected a “Wish Arbor” for people to visit, pray and reflect. Visitors are encouraged to write wishes and condolences for victims of the disasters and tie them to the memorial."


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