Favorite Frittatas (or Quiche)

Okay my foodie-friends! 

What is your favorite filling
for a frittata or quiche?


  1. Mushrooms, asparagus or artichoke hearts (whatever I have), fresh tomato and goat cheese...mmmm.

  2. bacon, cheese, spinach, bacon, cheese, bacon. and maybe top it off with some more bacon.

  3. All day I have looked at this and planned to comment HAM. I didn't, tho, even tho it sounded really funny. So, mushrooms. Crimini are my favorite.

  4. I like feta, spinach, pancetta, artichoke hearts, pancetta, pancetta, and capers (big ones) with pancetta, ooooo and caramelized shallots too

  5. Either spinach and gruyere or a regular quiche lorraine. I don't really care for frittatas.


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