Grilled Cheese Month!

Did you know that April is Grilled Cheese Month? 

I didn't. But now that I do. Mmmm. It sure makes me want a grilled cheese sandwich. 

I have to admit sometimes I'm a purest. I want generic white bread with plastic flavored Kraft American Cheese. No tomatoes, no provolone, no doctoring of any kind. Grilled cheese and tomato soup - what a comfort food. 

But then there is a time and a place for everything. Going through this LA Times food article (in honor of National Grilled Cheese Month) it sure made me want to experiment and spice up the idea of the grilled cheese. 

Here are the 11 grilled cheese sandwiches from the LA Times Test kitchen. Be prepared to drool.

1. Grilled blue cheese and pears on raisin brioche bread (recipe)
2. Grilled cheddar and apple butter on rosemary bread (recipe)
3. Panini with mustard greens, Gruyere and roasted peppers (recipe)
4. Huitlacoche Quesadillas (recipe)
5. Mixed greens and feta quesadillas (recipe)
6. Mushroom and goat cheese quesadilla (recipe)
7. Croque-Madame (recipe)
8. Fontina and sage grilled cheese (recipe)
9. Shallots and Cantal (recipe)
10. Croque-monsieur - aka Ham and Cheese (recipe)
11. Stuffed french toast with bacon, dandelion greens and Gruyere (recipe)

I don't even know where to being with making these sandwiches....but I do know that the next time "Grilled Cheese" is on the menu it won't include Kraft.


  1. YUM! Now I'm craving a grilled cheese too!

    Though I rarely make my grilled cheeses with American...I don't think we've had American cheese in the house since last summer! I usually spread one triangle of Laughing Cow French Onion Swiss on wheat bread and sprinkle a decent helping of shredded cheddar on it as well, then cook as you would a regular grilled cheese :)

  2. Oh yum Tara. I never thought about laughing cow cheese on a grilled sandwich. Mmm.

    Everyone else, what goes into your favorite grilled cheese sandwich?


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