28 Day Challenge - Day 1 Check In

Sister-in-law Gayle, Me, Sister Kat (photo taken by Emily)
So yesterday not only started the first day of May (where has this year gone?) but also the first day of my 28 day Challenge (to be healthier and exercise daily). Yesterday was also my sister's bridal shower (that I've been planning for almost 2 months). It turned out amazing and while I didn't go running or swim laps in the pool I think all the carrying boxes and totes from the house to the clubhouse, the lifting of bottle water crates and bags of serving platters, the cleaning, the decorating, the running around and playing hostess....this should (and in my book does) count towards my "Daily Exercise". I was so tired after 8 hours (the party itself was only 2) I could barely move, or even get up off the couch, it felt as if I'd been working out for those 8 hours. 

Here's to Day 1 of my 28 Day Challenge!


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