28 Day Challenge - Day 4 Check In

Today the skies are crystal clear blue, hardly even a white fluffy cloud to be seen, and the temperatures are an amazing 71 degrees! So nice I wore a dress! :) What better way to celebrate an amazingly gorgeous day then going out for a walk in it!? 

So off I went, down 1 flight of stairs, 2x around the building and back up the stairs. I didn't nearly walk as long as I wanted but with the improper shoes on I was getting shin splints. So I stopped after the 2nd loop and did some stretching (the best I could with a dress on). 

To help increase the amount I'm exercising today - I plan on catching the bus into downtown that makes me walk 3 blocks instead of the bus that drops me off right in front of the train station.  

On top of increasing my exercise I started to wonder what my calorie intake was. I've always considered myself a fairly healthy eater. We rarely have "junk food" or sweets in the house (just don't count the over whelming number of cupcakes made these past few weeks for my sister's bridal shower. Most of those are given away anyways)....my weakness is carbs. Pasta, breads, rice...etc. I try to counter them with salads and vegetables but I don't think I'll ever be able to give up carbohydrates completely. 
Anyway. I'm not necessarily looking to "cut back" on my calories...but I did want to take them into consideration. So last night I downloaded a Calorie Counter app and so far I don't think I'm doing that badly. For breakfast I had 2 pieces of sourdough toast, for lunch smoked salmon and as a snack celery sticks and hummus. 

Here's to day four.
4 down 24 to go baby!


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