28 Day Challenge - Days 6 & 7 Check in

I relaized I didn't do a check in for the last two days so I figured I'd combine them.

On Friday (day 6) I walked the half mile to the bus in the morning and still did laps throughout the day. It was such a cold windy day it was good to get out and run aro und to xjeep warm. Another big accomplishment was ibreduced how much snacking I did. I'm totally guilty of being a bored-snacker. Thankfully I've been keeping healthy snacks at work but doesn't matter how "healthy" a snack is if you binge on it. Overall, exercise and calories intake I think I did pretty good.

Yesterday (day 7) we took my mother out for a Mother's Day brunch (I'm so glad I made reservations)! I went into it thinking that it would be my first freebie day (see first 28-day challenge entry). The breakfast I had (breakfast nachos, a pomegranate champagne cocktail and coffee) came to over 800 calories...holy crap! BUT then came my exercise for the day...grocery shoppping! Now it may not seem like much of an "exercise" but this was 2 weeks worth of shopping, pushing a cart that had to have weighed at least 100 pounds (thanks to the two twenty pound cat litters), and dodging a million shopers and their families. I entered in the TWO HOURS I "leisurely walking" and my calories tracker said I burned 700 calories!!! Lol there went breakfast!

Today I have plans to clean the house, my room and do laundry...I'm hoping to pop over to the gym or pool later on (maybe after my pedicure). If not I still have all three of my freebies!


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