A little bit of Barber

Okay so it's not Barber...it's BBQ pork....but still this was my first "meat pie". I've made Shepard's Pie before but that doesn't involve a crust.

We were originally going to use the left over BBQ pork in a calzone but we haven't found a raw pizza dough we care for. So we ended up picking up a package of Pillsbury pie crusts.

I'm sorry I can't give out exact measurements...I didn't cook that way this time. It was all freestyle.

Basically I had 2 cups of shredded BBQ pork (homemade but you can always find the store bought containers in the refrigerated section).

2 large baking potatoes - washed, not skinned, and par-boiled in Garlic Salt water.

A tablespoon of chopped garlic.

1/2 bag of Mexican Corn-Black bean mix (I think it's S&W in the frozen section)

Mixed them all together and tossed it in a 1/2 baked bottom pie crust (see picture) then topped it with 1/2 a container of Fresco Cheese....add the top crust and bake at 450 for about 20 minutes.

I sprinkled more cheese on the top of the crust the last 5 minutes to give a little extra crunch.



  1. the cart is on NE Alberta right across from the Radio Room...maybe 8th ave or something? You'll see it:) enjoy!


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