I Need to Move.

According to OKCupid, I live in "the most promiscuous city in the nation".... I'm obviously living in the wrong city....

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Unless you're reading this in Portland, the most promiscuous city in the nation, you have some work to do -- at least according to OkCupid.com. The start-up dating site has taken on the envious job of determining which cities are most likely to engage in casual sex. Along the way, they've also compiled some sex-related infographics correlating the mundane and the risque (for instance, a ven-diagram of 'people who eat oatmeal,' and 'people who, like, really go at it').

How were these distinctions awarded? OkCupid told the HuffPost it all ties back to the percentage of users in each city who list "Casual Sex" as one of the relationship types they seek. While we're thrilled two of HuffPost's Locals broke the top 10 (Denver and San Francisco), we're disappointed neither of them grab number one by the... uh, never mind.

10. Houston, TX
9. San Diego, CA*
8. Denver, CO
7. San Bernardino, CA*
6. Dallas, TX
5. San Francisco, CA*
4. Miami, FL
3. Pittsburgh, PA
2. Seattle, WA
1. Portland, OR*

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Oh and I have lived in (or very close too) 4 out of the top 10 (marked by *).... I think I need to start rethinking where I move to. Where's the list of the top 10 cities to find someone to settle down with?
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I wrote the above piece first thing this morning. This afternoon I came across an email that has some interesting overlap. This article was called "Top 10 Cities for Single Women" - based on surveys and research done by Rent.com (I know such a well known research institute) the following ten cities were considered most desirable for single woman (based off what their research found single woman found "desirable").

10. San Jose, CA
9. New York, NY
8. Las Vegas, NV
7. Los Angeles, CA
6. Chicago, IL
5. Washington DC
4. Denver, CO
3. Austin, TX
2. Seattle, WA
1. Phoenix, AZ

So wait, if you combine the two lists does that mean the promiscuous single women live mostly in Denver and Seattle?

Just kidding folks. Although it does make you wonder who is looking for "Casual Sex" in those first Top-10 if not the "Single Women"?


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