Shower Rama

There's a Thai restaurant we go to down from our house that serves a pretty good Thai Rama* (actually they call it Shower Rama)  - my mother normally orders it with chicken) and after the first time we tried it we realized how easy it would be to make at home.

At that's exactly what we had for dinner tonight (although I also cooked up some eggplant to have with mien).

Start with cooking the rice
Chop eggplant - leave on skin
Lightly salt dices
In hot oil - saute onions and garlic
Cook eggplant until soft and translucent. Add soy sauce and more garlic
Saute fresh spinach - sweat down
Cook chicken with a teaspoon for peanut butter sauce**

Happy Eating

*Rama - I don't really use measurements... and I couldn't find an actual recipe I thought was close enough to mine to "promote"

** One cup of creamy peanut butter, tablespoon of honey, dash or two of soy sauce - heat until thin and creamy... add water to make thinner if needed


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