Vacation Food

I spent this past weekend at Seaside (in Oregon) on a mini-vacation and I thought I'd share some photos of the yummy (and meh) food I had.

*               *               *

First the meh.

Now we have a Pig'n Pancake in Portland but this was the ORIGINAL :)
My "poached" eggs were more like soft boiled.... how hard is it to poach an egg!?
Overall it was just "meh" and not that impressive - same as the one in Portland.
*               *               *

Now for the "not too shabby".

Camp 18 is out on Hwy 26 - it's a restaurant and logging memorial -
went once before and the food wasn't too bad. Mostly though you go for the fun atmosphere

*               *                 *

Now for the yummy.

We originally had plans to go to a Southern place - but it apparently closed (for good)
the previous weekend, so this was one of the restaurants recommended
to us by the woman at our hotel front lobby.
As soon as we saw "Fried Artichoke Hearts" on the menu I was hooked -
they were garlic covered and so yummy.
You almost didn't need the garlic lemon ailoi dipping sauce
I ordered a Huckleberry Mojito before my dinner - only part of the meal I regretted. It was a tad too sweet (too much Huckleberry syrup) and left me burping tasting Huckleberry all night.
Mom ordered the Cod fish and chips
I ordered the 1/2 order of Baby Back Ribs...and we swapped 1/2 way through the dinner
...just so we got a taste of everything, not because we weren't enjoying the food

At the end of our meal we thought we'd take a dessert back to our hotel room to share later that evening. We asked to see a dessert menu....a few minutes later our waitress comes out with a tray of desserts! No menu just a visual display. They all looked yummy but we went with a chocolate layered cake. Can't go wrong with chocolate can you?

The vacation was refreshing and fun and the food was yummy. What else could I ask for?


  1. OMG! Camp 18!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend and I LOVE going there! Sometimes our families go there for Easter brunch too. I have a feeling we might be going there this weekend--Shane says he has a little surprise getaway and I think it might be the Oregon coast, with a stop at Camp 18 on the way home! We'll see if I'm right....

  2. Haha. I was at Seaside this last weekend. So fantastic! I love the coast and definitely don't get there enough. :)

  3. have you ever poached an egg? It's actually rather hard!!! :)

  4. Yes I have poached an egg and it's not THAT hard.


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