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Earlier this month I was chatting with a friend about my recent decision to “end” my 20-something blog and begin a fresh one this New Year. (Read more about this decision here). She asked if (with my 29th birthday quickly approaching) I had created my “To-do before I’m 30” list.

I have a Portland Bucket list but i hadn’t ever thought of creating one of things to do before 30 to be truthful. I don't know where to begin - so I thought I'd look to see what I would find online. I was amazed at how many results Google came up with when I typed in “Before you’re 30”… 2,770,000,000 results to be exact!!

Holy smokes!!

Some of the results are related to a movie called “Things to do before you’re 30” (I’ve since added it to my Netflix account). Another popular result were people's "30 before 30" lists.

Many people had big "life changing" plans like buying a house, getting married, having kids, getting XX degree in school... then other's had some more adventurous plans such as backpacking through Europe, sky diving or bungee jumping... last there were goals such as taking a language class, dining in certain restaurants and/or running a marathon.

I posed this question to some friends of mine - some had similar answers to the above, others say they used to have similar goals when they were younger but as they approached 30 they realized their values/goals had changed. One friend had this to say:

"I have things I want to do and see before I die, but not necessarily with any additional time constraints... Being part of social movements, trekking the Middle East, seeing New Year's fireworks from a beach in Mexico, finding ways out of states of fear and anxiety, reading the classics, biking 100 miles...all of it. Its sort of a vague answer, I know. But the world and life are big places - there's stuff I don't even know I want to do yet!"

Exactly my thought!!  I think a list with particular time/date/age constrains just create pressure to reach goals that could perhaps prevent you from living other adventures…and what happens if you don’t reach those goals? Feeling like a failure? That’s no way to start a new decade of your life. 

I have 384 days (1 year + 18 days) until I turn 30. That's both a long and short amount of time. I want to look back on my life when I turn 30 and think of all the amazing things I've done, places I've gone and people I've met. I don't want to be sitting at home with a piece of paper reading over achievements I may or may not have accomplished. 

There is one thing perhaps on my list... however, it's not a "Must Do Before 30" it's what I want to do FOR my 30th. I want to celebrate the big 3-0 in the Big Easy. However, that's another day over 384 days from now. For this blog I am ending with images of amazing things and places I've done and been so far these nearly 29 years. 


  1. :) I'm definitely going to make my own list tomorrow! Thank you!! :) <3Jamie

  2. Great idea - although I'm not sure I want to spend any time whatsoever thinking about the day I turn 30! Haha. Might just do it though!

    GM x


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