Bridezilla: The Next Generation

I'll admit I am one of those girls that dreams of having the perfect wedding someday. 

Dreaming of having friends and family together to celebrate. Of that perfect moment coming down the aisle and seeing my soon-to-be-husbands face. But the location, the dress, the cake... these are things that are fuzzy and not in focus. 

The feeling of what that day will be like is what I dream about. 

The next chapter in my life with the man I love. 

This is what's important. 

So when I came across this Jezebel article about women who not only just dreaming of their perfect wedding day but are already starting to BUY the perfect wedding... and before they're even ENGAGED!? 


Put's a whole new twist to the idea of a "Bridezilla"... I'd hate to see how they might handle roadblocks with the final steps in planning.  

Besides. How freaked out might your boyfriend/fiance be when he learns you have planned (and bought) the wedding out completely prior to him proposing. 

Maybe I'm too non-traditional but, silly me, I think of wedding as a celebration between TWO people. How fair is it for one person to have all the say in the day?

Have you already planned out (pieces) of your perfect day?


  1. I actually have my wedding dress - it's not the finished product, but you know, it's kinda half way.

    BUT, I can explain that one..I nearly got married and (thank the lord) cancelled everything, and broke up with him, weeks before the wedding. And considering the dress was couture..and of course, very didn't seem right to just throw it away! So yeah..the poor thing is sat in the shop, half-made, waiting for me to get married!

    Sadly, I've decided that I never want to get

    GM x

  2. Wow, this is scary! And you make a perfect point: a wedding is about both the bride and the groom. For some crazy reason, these kinds of girls think that their wedding will be all about them. A note to men: these are the girls you want to run from. Run as fast and as far as you can!

  3. Exactly! A wedding is about TWO people. Many women are in love with the wedding celebration, not the man. They hardly seem to realize that there is an entire marriage, with a spouse, coming after the wedding. It's sickening.

  4. My sister is currently planning her special day. But she has a fiance who proposed to her. So she isn't crazy.
    I on the other hand never thought of my special day, not even as a child. And since I'm a bridesmaid and have seen how much planning and money goes in to a wedding. I have come to the conclusion, if someone proposes to me and I love them enough, I plan on getting married by a justice of the peace. And then just have some family and friends over for a "Reception". Boom Bing married. XD

  5. I don't think I had a single thing planned. I'm sure there are some guys who would love to bypass the whole planning part, but most guys want a say in SOMETHING. What kind of marriage starts out with only one person's input?

  6. Scary. I mean, I am totally excited about marriage (and he's planning on proposing this year or early next) but I haven't started planning the damn thing yet. He'd kick my butt if I started planning his wedding for him.

  7. buying stuff for your wedding before being engaged equals being left an old maid according to our superstitions.

    not being too superstitious, it still seems very weird (although that word might be too weak in this case). on the other hand, i do wonder about our kids' names... (speaking of double standards lol)

  8. I think it's silly to buy things, etc. but to have in your mind what you want is not silly. Fantasizing about what the day will look like, or your theme or color scheme or who will be in the bridal party seems normal to me, based on women I know. I have met my future husband but we are not engaged (7 years at the moment). I know we will be, so about a year ago when I was maid of honor, I was helping her scout out locations and I couldn't help but begin to fantasize myself about the special day.

    Let's face it- it IS about two people but at the same time, it's also considered "her day" whether or not we like it. Society has made it so that the big day is all about the bride. But I think that's because the guys just don't care much about the details or the hooplah and just want to get married. Beyond the invites, I don't think most guys really mind not being involved much.


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