Fashion Friday - Green & Rhinestones

Since I've been on such a big push lately about being plus-size and fashionable (read more here, here and here) I thought I'd start a new reoccurring blog topic Fashion Fridays! It'll be a combination of either some of my favorite outfits in my own closet, other fashionable plus size women or just a droolfest of Pinterest items I'd love to have in my collection.

Today, for the First Fashion Friday, I'm going with what has slowly become one of my favorite new outfits. A green tank/sweater set, lime green scarf and matching "diamond" jewelry (the sweater has rhinestone buttons) far I've worn it with jeans, black slacks and I can't wait for the weather to finally dry out some so I can try it with skirts.

Here are pictures and notations of where the items were bought.

To wrap up today's Fashion Fridays blog entry I'm linking to a blog I follow. She just recently hit 50 readers (yay!) and is having a giveaway in honor. Check out Stiletto Life here


  1. I was considering starting fashion posts - in a separate blog of course. My blog is a little too grim to include fashion lol.

    Love the ring with the green stone.

    GM x

  2. Love those purple flats!


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