Goodbye 20s

The more I go through life and blog about it the more I realize I'm not trying to "survive" being a 20-something...I'm just living life.

Blogging about my relationship (that has been around longer than my blog) with Mr. No-longer-in-HK, friendships that go south because I believe in faithfulness, white hairs, struggling with the plummet from middle management to entry level, dressing (and being comfortable) in this body of mine... these aren't solely "20-something" dilemmas.

This is just life.

So as I quickly enter the last year of my 20s (I turn 29 in 25 days) I am saying goodbye to "Surviving 20-Something" and starting a new blog.

A New Year.
A (soon-to-be) New Decade.
A New Blog.
A New Beginning.

So thank you to those who have followed me on my 20-something journey. I hope you'll continue to follow me at "Caution! Reality Check"


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