The Divine Ms. Cho

Today on Facebook a friend posted a link to this article "Margaret Cho Rightfully Loses Her Shit" (which itself was a repost from Margaret's official webpage).

Back story: The Divine Ms. Cho tweeted a picture of her new Cris Cleen tattoo (which is gorgeous by the way) and than narrow minded jackasses tweeted awful and hateful comments about Margaret Cho and her body. The article (above) is her response to their stupidity.

I have to say that I've admired Margaret Cho for years. I find her funny, outspoken (in the best way possible) and most of all just lovely inside and out. I applaud and look up to the way she shows off who she is and doesn't take shit from anyone about it!

Thank you Margaret Cho for being raunchy and direct and talking openly about everything. But mostly as someone who (at nearly 29 years old) still has moments of self-hatred. Who grew up being "the smart one" of her sisters and always feeling like her bff was the "pretty one". As someone who, still today, can't remember the last time her family offered an (unprompted) compliment. Who will wonder now and then why her boyfriend (of three years) is attracted to her, because why would anyone. As someone who struggles with self acceptance and self love I want to say THANK YOU Margaret Cho for helping me realize I am beautiful too.


  1. hahahah I love Margaret Cho! She's freakin brilliant! Thanks for sharing this! I found you on 20SB, and I am your newest follower. :)

  2. I've never even come across Margaret Cho before reading this post - and she is actually really funny. Loved the vid!

    GM x

  3. Thanks for posting your thoughts, beautiful girl! -Audry Cece


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