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So a few weeks ago I started watching How I Met Your Mother (thank you Netflix). It's one of those shows that for some reason (okay it's Neil Patrick Harris) is addictive and even though there are episodes or bits that I don't find (all that) funny I still keep going back for more.

After watching the first few episodes and realizing the characters are late twenties/going into their thirties it sparked some brainstorming in regards to a blog around the show and my own Almost-Thirty process.

Then today I came across this images on Pinterest today --> (I know its hard to read but click on the links for a bigger picture)

Holy Crap! Talk about television never being original!! 

Haha It's so true though! (okay so I don't necessarily agree that Chandler or Marshal are "the best one"s but whatever).

The funny thing is my first Surviving 20-Something blog "Where Did I Go Wrong?" I address the fact that (after having recently turned 27) my life looked nothing like a character on Friends. 

And the fact is that (on many levels) it's true about How I Met Your Mother. Aside from Lily being a Kindergarten teacher you have an architect, a lawyer, a news anchor and whatever it is Barney does. None of those are your "typical" jobs....

Where's the Admin Assistant?
Where's the Call Center Representative?
Where's the person working two jobs to make ends meet?

At least with HIMYM only has the characters hanging out at night (at a bar) and not all day everday at a coffee shop. However, both locations are below where the characters live. 

I don't know about where you live? But I certainly can't afford any of the apartments or condos above trendy shops....the nearest bar to be is a dive called The Pink Feather. Yikes!

As for everything else...well it makes could television...

The romantic and the hard-to-get girl (although I swear the thing that bothers me most is the mystery "mom" which something tells me we won't meet her until the show ends!!). 

The brainy guy. The womaniser. The sweet-heart couple. All standards in the archetypes of TV characters...

Also, and here's my biggest question....why don't these people have other friends? 

I mean, sure, occasionally we see a "work" or "school" friend interaction but you never hear one of them say "Nope, sorry guys can't hang out tonight I've got plans to go to the movies with Joe/Bob/Sue".

Is it just me?  Does everyone else only have four/five friends they hang out with constantly with no variation?

And how is it they just happen to all live in the same place as their best friends? Sure I have local friends but my best friends are scattered from one side of the country to another! 

Okay. I'm done. This isn't a blog about how MY life doesn't resemble television because, let's be honest here, one is LIFE and one is FICTION. 

My point though is that my generation grew up watching Friends and (on some level) fed falsehoods about what being in my 20/30s was going to look like. And now another generation is watching HIMYM and being fed the same lies. 

Where's the real-life-based characters? (And no I don't mean "reality tv") Where are the people struggling with their body image? Being laid off? Getting divorced? Trying to find themselves in this chaotic world without four/five best friends inches away to catch them when they fall. 

Who is going to write that story line?


  1. Loved reading this post!

    I have watched every single episode of friends. I have also watched every episode of HIMYM, to date (final season)..but never have I made that comparison! How seriously unoriginal!

    They are seriously unrealistic too. I agree with you about the lack of variation of jobs. I mean, it's just not that easy. Growing up watching shows like this, well, it's hardly going to feed ambition or determination into the youth of today. Especially here in the UK, where the youth are running riot (literally)! It's just false portrayal of an 'easy life.' If only it was that simple..!

    GM x

  2. Love this post.

    Television has always protrayed human interactions very unrealistically. I mean, would real friends all be the same size and look beautiful in every shot? Nope! I want a friend who sits on the couch barefaced and eating pizza with me.

    Shows have become unrelatable because of a lack of talent in writing. I find most stuff just isn't funny. Most of the popular shows, to me, are unfunny and unwatchable because there's no chemistry in anything. It bores me!

    Sorry for the bible verse. :-)

  3. haha soo true, I have also just recently started watching HIMYM, but only re-runs on TBS, and not regularly, I also had no idea the show was STILL going! But back to your post, I find Ive become someone who has found a few feel-good, and comforting shows that I just watch over and over and OVER because nothing new does it for me.


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