Sexy Science

This morning my aunt shared this article on facebook and I had to share here. I am surprised with the amount of sex in the media today how prudish our country can be.

"Time and time again, regardless of the publication discussing my fMRI orgasm, commenters wrote things like, “If only researchers were as interested in finding a cure for cancer,” and “I can’t believe my tax dollars are going to pay for such useless research.”"

Get over it!

Giving your body to science doesn't have to wait for when you're dead!! And yes, your money is going to cures for cancer, etc but the fact is very little money is going to the study of human sexuality.

"...unanimously, the scientists I talked to said their greatest challenge was finding research grants and financial support for their work. Because so many of us are peevish about the study of sex, funding agencies can be, too.... Human sexuality is important - and its study is something we should all get behind. Because we can’t begin to have discussions about how to best deal with problems concerning sexual behavior, sexual function and sexual intimacy until we have a better handle on what’s normal."

Okay. I have to admit that last word there is where she lost me. I was fully behind her until she had to go and say science needed to discover whats "normal" in sexuality. 

I know what she meant but that just fosters the argument of what some (close-minded) people consider abnormal sexuality (I.e., homosexuality). When really it's usually just "sexuality" people are scared of and don't understand.

Still a good article. I like the "When I say I came for the science - I mean it"


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