Three White Hairs

Yes, that's my head and white hairs
Today (or at the time of this blog's original posting) is exactly one month until my 29th birthday. So of course what do I find on new years eve as I'm doing my hair while getting ready to go out? Three white hairs. These are unmistakingly white. Not blonde like the others that naturally highlight my hair. And not grey either. We're jumping straight to WHITE.

Mmm. Mark Harmon
Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having white hair or getting them at an earlier age. One friend (my age) has had them for over ten years. I remember her having a few while we were in college.

I love grey hair on men...even salt and pepper. Mark Harmon is definitely my favorite Silver Fox.

Not saying I don't think women can't look good with it too. I love women who not only have let their hair go white but keep it long too. The perfect crone.

I just wasn't prepared to find one...let alone three...a month before my 29th birthday. I don't remember my mom having grey or white hair this young?

So what am I going to do?

One friend suggested plucking. Now while I don't believe the Old Wives Tale of plucking one and ten more grow in its place. But I (at least for the moment) have no intention of pulling them out. Now the single white eyebrow hair I have (and have had for years) THAT I pluck.

My aunt reminded me that white hairs are why there are home dye kits. Haha. Only I haven't dyed my hair in...oh?...three or four years. I'm trying to grow out the black damaged hair and let my natural brown be healthy. So, no dyeing either. Besides if hair is hereditary than dye won't help. My mother stopped coloring her hair when the dye washed out of the grey after a week.

How about any of you out there?
Have you found your first white/grey hair? 
How old were you?
Did you pluck it? Dye it?

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  1. I'm only 23 so luckily no grey hair yet, but I think it is very attractive on certain people! I love the grey streak Stacy has from What Not to Wear and I love that she doesn't dye it.

  2. Hahaha, I found 1 grey strand in my hair the other day and had a mild panic attack until I realized that it's only one hair and it's not a big deal. You're not uglier or less worthy because of a few greys!

  3. I have been finding gray hairs on my head since I was 13. But as I was getting ready to celebrate my 27th b'day I realised that all my regrowth was white. I was hoping it was reverting back to the the blonde I was as a child but no. All the hair that grows out of my head is now stripped of colour.

    I'm just happy I have commited to having pink hair for the rest of my life and really, being white just means that bleaching to get the right base for the pink is just easier to achieve now. I just look shit with the slightest regrowth.

  4. are you sure they're white hairs and not just the sun shining on them? oh, you're in portland, i mean the lighting :) seriously, i don't see them. i know people who had grey hair in high school. it's a sign of living. :)

  5. Color it with a permanent marker??? Hahaha I love Stacey's white streak - the girl from What Not to Wear.


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