Too Old for....

The day after tomorrow is my 29th birthday. I have to say, when it comes to birthdays, sure I get excited to celebrate with friends and family - but it's the celebration/activities not the actual birthday I'm excited about.

However, there's something different about this birthday.

Maybe it's because it's my final year in my "20s"? 
Maybe it's because I only have one year left until the big 3-0? 
Maybe I'm just super excited about the things and events I have planned for this birthday?
Probably a combination of all three.

Being excited for my upcoming birthday I thought it'd be fund to show my excitement somehow on this blog. What I stumbled upon here was (someone's view of) 29 Things You're Too Old For As of Your 29th Birthday!! (Some of them I COMPLETELY agree with and then others I'm not so sure about)

1. Wear handbands, head to toe pink and cheerleader outfits (Agree..unless for Halloween) 

2. Celebrate your birthday on more than one day (Okay, here I disagree. Yes the woman they use as an example in the article went a little above and beyond - okay ridiculous - but I don't see anything wrong with a multi-day celebration. Last Sunday I went out for a nice dinner with my mother and sisters. This weekend I have a relaxing get-away weekend at a nearby lodge and winery. Then the following weekend I am having a few friends over to play board games and eat pizza to celebrate me turning 29. Different groups of people = different celebrations. Sometimes groups don't mix)

3. Reminisce about college (I think this depends. If you're longing for the "good ol' days" of college than I agree. But there's nothing wrong with going down memory lane occasionally. After all college is where you meet most of your long term friends and a good percentage meet their future spouse).  

4. Reminisce about the college you never attended (Agreed) 

5. Send cryptic messages to people via Facebook and Twitter (I'm not even sure what this means?)  

6. Think of your high school boyfriend as the one that got away (Now while I don't think of my high school boyfriend as the one that got away I can't help but think of all the sweet stories out there about high school sweethearts who reunite after fifty years and fall in love all over again)  

7. Refer to any boyfriend from that long ago by the era he’s associated with — no one cares that you dated Josh the summer after your freshman year at community college. (Agreed...unless you're distinguishing between the multiple "Josh"s you have dated)  

8. Wear holiday-themed outfits, like pastels and bows on Easter and red and green plaid on Christmas (unless you are Catherine and wear red and green plaid year-round) (Who is Catherine? Did they mean Catholic? Doesn't matter, didn't this stop being cute when you're...I don't know five?!) 

9. Quote self-help books and/or “Sex and the City” episodes — unless it’s in a mocking fashion. (Agreed...or you're blogging about them *winkwink*) 

10. Decorate your apartment from Pottery Barn Teen and/or Urban Outfitters (Maybe it's just me but I think this is a rule for anyone no longer in high school or living in a college dorm) 

11. Put up posters with tape or thumbtacks instead of frames (While I'm a big supporter of framed art I know others who aren't and still have pictures/posters on walls with some form of adhesive. I think as long as these aren't the same posters you've been pinning and taping on your walls since highschool... then whatever) 

12. Attend concerts featuring anyone who wasn’t born by the year you started college (i.e., Justin Bieber) unless you are escorting a much younger family member (Agreed to some level. Pop culture icons - agreed. Now if it were a modern day child prodigy like Mozart - then I'll disagree)  

13. Olsen Twin movie marathons (I know, I know, “Passport to Paris” is a classic, but get over it) (These were never okay in my book)  

14. Calling men “boys” on a regular basis (If they stop acting like little boys I'll stop calling them boys) 

15. Say or write “LOL” (Holy hell. I hate when people SAY chatspeak aloud! It's meant to be written, typed, messaged not spoken!! I think, when used properly, there's no real age-limit...although an 80 year old grandma writing lmfao might be too funny)  

16. Tote your dog around everywhere, unless you are blind and he/she is a seeing-eye dog. (So I think 29 is too YOUNG to do this...not too old. Paris Hilton and other socialites have ruined this for the little grandma's in the world with their little grandma doggies. There's a woman who rides the train with me in the morning, who carries her 15 year old weinerdog wrapped in a tie-dye blanket. Aw)  

17. Want to be treated like a princess, to live life like it’s a fairytale, and to be looking for your Prince Charming (I think there's a difference between "wanting" to live etc etc and actually "expecting" others to treat you like a princess, etc)  

18. Own teddy bears and other stuffed animals, unless you have one (singular!) that is left over from your childhood that holds a lot of sentimental value (I'll admit I do have two or three left over from childhood. But they're packed away for my own children. Adults with beds of teddy bears can get creepy - especially for that first "sleepover" with a new relationship)  

19. Call your father “daddy” (Disagree. Okay. I don't have a father but I know plenty of people who still use this term when saying "I love you" or in an affectionate way. I also often will still call my mom "mommy" when trying to weasel something out of her when I'm sick. "Oh mommy...can you "Blank" for me??).  

20. Subscribe to teen magazines, unless you work as a writer specializing in teen issues (Agreed)  

21. Spend more than one hour on the phone with a friend, unless she truly is in a crisis or you haven’t talked to her in over a year and need to catch up (I'm a bad judge at this. I hate talking on the phone. I can chat online with a friend for hours... but put a phone to my ear and I'm running to find a reason to hang up) 

22. Have your parents pay your bills, unless it’s your student loans and they insist OR you’re going through a short, temporary rough financial patch (Agree and disagree. Agree to not have your parent's pay your bills but I don't care if it's YOUR student loans - unless they offered to take loans out in their name... or if they "insist" you're an adult. NO. Now if you're going through a short rough patch I understand. We've all been there).  

23. Consider a haircut a huge massive change of epic proportions, unless it’s a post-breakup haircut and you write one measly essay about the subject (Now I disagree, slightly. If we're talking just getting bangs for the first time in twenty years.... yea not so much. But if we're talking you've grown your hair out down to your butt and now you're donating it all to Locks of Love.... it's allowed to be a huge massive change of epic proportions!) 

24. Consider your hair color to be a significant part of your identity, unless you’re a redhead (See also blondes do not have more fun) 

25. Talk about how OMG wasted you got last night, like having a hangover makes you cool (Agreed) 

26. Lay out in the sun without sunscreen (This is 2012. I don't care how old or young you are. By now everyone should know better)  

27. Sit on anyone’s lap, unless you’re trying to fit five people in a taxi that sits four (You mean it's not okay to sit on the CEOs lap while he's dressed as Santa at the company holiday party? FYI - the school I work for does not have a CEO and there was no Santa at the holiday party... just to clarify)  

28. Wear glasses for “fashion” when you don’t have a prescription or vision issues (I don't understand this "fashion" at all. No matter what age you are.) 

29. Feel any shame or embarrassment about masturbating (Um? Totally random from everything else listed but yes, I agree. Get over it.)


  1. I think the posters one is a little unfair. I mean, I'm not 29 yet, but depending on where you live, it might not be your choice. For example, I live in an apartment right now and part of the terms of our lease is that we can't put nail holes in the wall for any reason. So if I want to hang anything, I pretty much don't have options other than tape or some other kind of sticky adhesive. And you can live in an apartment at any age.

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    Next year I'll be at your age! And frankly, i'm not so happy 'bout it. And in just two weeks I'd turned 28...and somehow I feel old. T^T... My boyfriend'll still be 26 when I'm already 28. Do numbers mattered? This is like the times when I find it difficult to face my own birthday. Haven't felt this way before...and now, since I'm far from home and anyone I attached too (sure I got new friends here, but things're not the same). I'm glad it'll all just temporary, won't be far from home forever.


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