Fashion Friday - Business Brown

This week our Board of Directors were on campus for their quarterly Board Meeting. Somehow, because of default really, I ended up attending a few of these meetings. Talk about needing to dress to impress. Anyone who has worked for a company or school with a Board of Directors knows they are the one's who make all the big decisions. Want to hire a new staff member? Want to promote a current position? Need the funds to do this? They're the final "yes" or "no".... so even though there was no negotiations or big discussions to be had it was (for me) the "First Impression" meetings.

It did get me thinking of what I have in my closet for these more "big-wig" type meetings and the limitations (in my mind) of what I own. The one "piece" I noticed was I have very little "business brown". I have a few nice business casual brown blouses, a brown pair of shorts and a few hand bags but nothing I would have wanted to wear into a Board Meeting.

Enter Pinterest and my internal personal shopper getting ideas and brainstorming some new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Even with the brown cords this would be perfect for a causal Friday - board meeting overlap

Not that I need the sunglasses this time of year. Haha.

This is my favorite. Those shoes are killer and just love the blouse.
Now to just find the extra cash to build the closet up some....I ended up going with basic black for today's meeting.

It's hard to see but the blouse is a ruffled sheer black (tank top under of course),
black and grey pinstriped pants, black kitten heals and the necklace.


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