Fashion Friday - Stripes

Stripes seem to be the big thing this season. From shirts and skirts, to shoes and handbags. I can't seem to walk by a window display or check out clothes on Pinterest without seeing stripes. 

Gabba Gabba - no way!
Prepaganda - Ahoy mates?

dELiAs - not my style.

There are some stripes I think I could pull on shoes or purses. I've just never found (horizontal) stripes on a shirt, skirt of dress that are flattering.

Hello World, Look how R-O-U-N-D I am. 
No thank you...although I did get lucky once and found a striped shirt with angled and vertical stripes that turned out very flattering.

Although I am a sucker for a good pair of pinstripe pants. 

What about you? Is there a color or pattern you just can't seem to pull off but wish you could?

Polyvore - love everything but the shirt

Another Polyvore - Blue and Red work. Just not this shirt.


  1. Stripes are hit or miss for me. I have to try them on to decide. Never underestimate the power of layering. Throw a belted cardigan or a blazer over a striped shirt and you still get waist definition with the pop of pattern underneath.


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