Fashion Friday - Working the Stripes!

So remember how last Fashion Friday I was like "oh no. Stripes are bad. They make me look like a circus tent" (okay so maybe that's not exactly what I said but you get the hint)....ANYWAY yesterday I was made to eat crow. 

My mother had picked up this shirt for herself but then after getting it home decided it was too small for her and she thought she'd offer it to me before taking it back. I put it on....added a belt....and took pictures. I posted it to my FB page and asked for "community input" - everyone raved about it. 

All I'm going to do is alter the sleeve line some. I'm not a fan (typically) of 3/4 sleeves unless they're form fitting or very flowly (poncho style). These just feel like the shirt (yes, btw it's a single shirt with the illusion of layers) is just too big in the arms. So this weekend a little nip and tuck and TADA a stripped shirt! :)


  1. Hooray! Those stripes look great:) Congrats on stepping a little out of your comfort zone!


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