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Recently there has been a wave of "Getting to Know You" type blog-chains going around. And I thought, even though I did one on my other blog, that it'd be fun to do a Food-Themed one here and tag my favorite food bloggers (some are DIY bloggers or just foodies but it'll still be fun). 

The idea is come up with 13 (a baker's dozen) questions and then tag 13 fellow foodies to answer these questions. They post the answers on their blog, come up with a new 13 questions and tag 13 foodie-friends. Simple. (Just don't forget to tell the tagged people they've been tagged).

So the 13 Fellow Foodies I'm going to tag are:

Gorgonzola Fries -
My latest guilty pleasure

Now for some food-fun questions.

1. What food did you once hate (as a child or even more recently) that you have found an appreciate for and now enjoy?

2. What do you normally order when going out to breakfast/brunch? 

3. What is your favorite late-night snack?

4. What is the one dish you wish you could cook, but haven't yet mastered?

5. What is your favorite restaurant? Where is it located and what is your favorite dish on their menu?

6. Who taught you how to cook?

7. What is the worst cooking disaster you've ever caused?

8. What did you have for dinner last night?

9. What restaurant do you want to eat at and haven't?

10. What is your guilty-pleasure food item?

11. What food item/dish do you just love that your family/friends can't/won't try?

12. Cake or Pie? What kind?

13. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would be your last meal?*

Don't feel like because you weren't tagged you can't play along....

*Thank you Anthony Bourdain for this fun food question.


  1. This is fun! :) -Jason

    1. MUSHROOMS! I used to HATE mushrooms and now I LOVE them!

    2. Depends on where I go as to what I order, I love eggs but they don't fill me up so normally get hashbrowns, same idea with bacon so normally get sausage. I love french toast but never order it, probably should!

    3. Anything that I have on hand from pop tarts to doritos to milk shakes, whatever I can find

    4. Pizza from scratch, I can never get the perfect dough. My pizzas are good but not perfect lol

    5. I have a NEW favorite, after going to RA sushi for my birthday I would have to say RA and I love their lobster mango roll and their beef something or other roll, they were both delicious, my favorite was the beef one though

    6. I learned here and there from everybody, but my Mom has taught me the most, even to this day if I don't know what to make with what I have on hand I will call her for an idea lol

    7. well, I came home to a very black orange chicken in the crock pot once, that was upsetting, but I'd say my biggest memory was at my friends house, we were making pizza and something happened that the oven caught on fire, I opened the oven and said "Uhhh hey guys, I think there's something wrong with your oven..." and then they walked over all curious and started freaking out when they saw the flames haha

    8. A Chicken Helper cheesy chicken enchilada, didn't have chicken though so I added some refried beans, tapatio, more cheese, and sour cream, then topped with tortilla chip strips, wasn't too bad.

    9. one that is high class or upscale, I never have money to fine dine and think it would be nice

    10. Milkshakes!

    11. this is most things to be honest, but I'm FINALLY getting my sister to try random sushi as long as there isn't any fishy fish in it, crab shrimp and lobster are okay, so she still has a ways to go, but I love sushi

    12. PIE!!! Apple! Fresh apples, not canned. but I love poke n pour cake, vanilla cake poked all over then pour liquid strawberry jello overtop and ice with whipped cream, so moist and flavorful and yummy!

    13. oh boy, this is a tough one, I'd probably go to an all you can eat buffet and get satiated. I love food too much to decide on just one!

  2. Thanks for the link. Here are my answers:

    1.- My mom used to cook lamb brain for us as kids... I have never tried again.
    2.- Fried eggs
    3.- I never have a late night snack.
    4.- those wonderful huge glazed colored pies
    5.- Sant Pau, in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona) owned by Carme Ruscalleda and all dishes are a 10!
    6.- Myself with the help of cookbooks
    7.- A baked chicken which was almost raw and the guests didn't mention it because they were too polite.
    8.- Veggies puree (most of it spinach) and boiled egg.
    9.- El Bulli
    10.- Fried potatoes
    11.- None
    12.- Cake. The ones we bake here... with hazelnuts
    13.- A paella!!!

  3. Thanks for tagging me.

    1. Seafood
    2. Huevos Rancheros
    3. Piece of chocolate
    4. Paella (never tried making it)
    5. Barbacoa (Boise, ID), I love everything on the menu!
    6. Myself
    7. Burned a pot roast, completely.
    8. Chicken tostadas and succotash
    9. El Gauchos, Portland, OR
    10. Onion rings
    11. My family tries anything
    12. Pie - any fruit filling
    13. Prime rib, baked potato w/ the works, salad, onion rings

  4. This is a lot of fun! I will try to do it. I'm curious about your answers. Are they posted on your other blog?

    1. The questions on my other blog aren't these food-related ones. They were written by another blogger but are posted it's called "Getting to Know You".... I'll post my food answers on this blog though. :)


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