Getting to Know You

It's a very ancient saying,
But a true and honest thought,
That if you become a teacher blogger,
By your pupils readers you'll be taught.

*               *               *

Sorry...I couldn't help myself...I'm done now...
Back to the real post....haha
I was tagged in a "Get to know you" blog chain by Tina at Breakfast at Tina's - both a follower and someone I follow and I thought it'd be a great 50th blog entry for Caution! Reality Check. 

So here's how it works. She gave me 11 questions (answers below). Then I create 11 questions and tag 11 bloggers (don't forget to let them know) - who then continue the chain with their own questions and answering yours.
So first thing is first. Let's tag some people!!

Now for the questions I want answered.... Muahahahaha *coughcough* Sorry. (Also, if other readers want to answer any of the questions in the comment box or on your own blog feel free. Just because you weren't "tagged" doesn't mean you can't play along. )

1. Why did you start your blog (that was tagged), how did you come up with the name/title and who is your targeted audience/readers?
2. What motto/mantra/philosophy do you try to live your life by?
3.  Tell your most memorable vacation/trip. Where did you go, why did you go, who did you go with?
4. If you could change careers/jobs tomorrow what would your new career/job be (and pretending you had the education/training for the job)?
5. Who is/was the most influential person in your life? Why?
6. What unusual or uncommon physical attribute (read: body part) are you attracted to when "checking someone out"?
7. If you could witness any event (past, present or future) what would it be?
8. What songs are included in the soundtrack of your life?
9. What story does your family always tell about you?
10. Favorite swear word?
11. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would be your last meal?

*               *               *

Now on to the questions I'm to answer... Looking at some of the questions Tina picked this may take me a while to compose. So let's get started! :)

Breakfast at Tina's Questions to Caution! Reality Check.

1. If you could go back and change one thing that happened in your life, what would it be? Oh gosh. No holding back with Round 1 there huh? I'm going to be "that person" and start off saying that I don't really have an "regrets" in life. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and while there may be things in my past I'm not all that thrilled with....haha to say the least... they have made me who I am now.  I think though, to not be a party-pooper, for this question I'm going to say.....wait as long as I did to finally meet my BF in person. We met online and virtually "dated" long distance for...well for really all of our relationship (we're in two different towns and states). But the point is when we finally did meet face-to-face (not saying how long it took. Gotta keep some privacy here) it was pure heaven. Any doubt or wonder about chemistry in person disappeared. I fell in love with him even more than I was and even more than I though possible. Now to just get us in the same place so there's no long gaps between seeing each other.

2. What is your astrological sign, and how does it reflect your personality? So I am an Aquarius (2/2...yes that is Groundhog's Day) and think that it does reflect pieces of my personality (although I think astrology is fun I struggle with "believing" it as many due).  Some personality traits that Aquarians are known for that I think sing (very) true with me: good communication skills (I'm a talker), likes my privacy, on the eccentric side (I've been known to dance in the rain, have conversations upside down on the couch and spend an afternoon with a BFF on a fire escape blowing bubbles), dislikes violence (I'm a lover not a fighter, never been in a fight and if a man ever hit me he'd only do it once).

3. Which would you give up for the rest of your life: sex or food? Really? Sweet Jesus don't make me pick. I won't do it. I can't. Well now wait.... if I give up one does that mean I get to supplement with the other sans consequences? For example I have sex three times a day to survive? Or can eat to "satisfy" my "needs" without calories or love handles? Because if that's not part of the deal than forget it.

4. If you had to choose between killing the person you love to save the world or killing the rest of the world to save the person you love, which would you do? Wow Tina. You're not kidding around here are you? No pressure of anything. Haha. Okay. I have to say though this one (with where I'm at right now and missing the BF a lot) I'd kill the rest of the world to save the person I love... because than we could still be together (we might get sick of one another and I might kill him in the end anyway but at least we'd start off together). :)

5. What is the most valuable lesson you have ever learned, and who taught it to you? I guess it's hard to put into words. The "lesson" that popped into my head was not allowing who you are, your inner amazing self, to be beaten have your fire extinguished by the person you love (or think you love). My mother is an amazing and strong woman but for almost twenty years was married to a man who muffled her inner amazing-self. I've said all along that my parent's getting a divorce was the best thing that ever happened to my mother or us girls (my younger sister and I). After the divorce, and after she found the strength to pick herself back up, my mother taught us girls to be strong, fearless, independent women and just ROCK who we are inside and out!

6. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? So I know this is probably referring to my first name (Morgan) but I've never had a desire to change that. I was named after a good friend of my mother; who she refers to as "one of the most talented women [she] knows" - Morgan (Big Morgan as she was called when I was little) is an amazing seamstress but also sings and plays at least a dozen different instruments. I think I'll keep the name of my namesake thanks. HOWEVER, I've always "joked" about how I can't wait to someday change my last name (when I get married - yes, I'm old fashioned that way and will be changing my name). As it is know my full name (first, middle and last) is 24 letters long (first-6 middle-8 last-10) and I've always said I can't wait to marry a "Smith" or a "Jones" just to shorten writing out my name.

7. If you could get a degree in anything without having to worry about finding a job in that field, would you get a degree in? Religious studies. I just find it fascinating (see the next question) - comparing similarities and differences between faiths that seem completely different (not like Baptist vs Lutheran but more like Vodun vs Hinduism)

8. What do/did you study in college, and what will/did you do with your degree?  My B.A. is in Diversity Studies with an emphasis on Religion and Cultural studies.... and what I've done with it is use it in my work in Higher Education. I've been a Residence Life Coordinator and a Housing Director (using my awareness and knowledge of diversity to ease roommate conflicts, counsel students, etc)... and right now I'm an Events Coordinator for a medical school where I participate in a diversity awareness committee, host multicultural awareness events and (fingers crossed) may some day get to work closer with International Students and focus more of my time on Intercultural Student Life.

9. What song/movie/food/book is your guilty pleasure? Love this one. I'm going to answer all four (song, movie, food and book).....

Song: When I need to get pumped, when I need to cheer myself up, when I just need to feel good I call on my girl LADY GAGA and "JUST DANCE" What can I say? She just does it for me.

Movie: At first I couldn't think of a "guilty pleasure" MOVIE (definitely have TV shows that I call my "dirty little secrets") but then I remembered CENTER STAGE. It's not the most "quality" of movies but the music is great and I love to watch dance.

Food: Um....CHOCOLATE...duh!! So much I've even gone on a Chocolate Tour here in Portland.

Book: The books that I can read over and over again and get just as much enjoyment from them every HARRY POTTER. No, I'm not such a Harry Potter fan that I went to midnight showings of the movies...but yes, I've seen (and own) every movie.... I read each new book in a matter of days - staying up way into the night not able to put it down. But hey! It's a "guilty pleasure" remember?

10. You have a fortune that will make or break your country's economical state. Would you give it to your own country to prevent a decade of substandard welfare, or would you give it to a Third World country to start a lifetime of quality living? Go with your gut right? My gut says give it to a Third World country. Our greedy nation can deal with a decade of "substandard" welfare. 

11. How would you spend your last day on earth? If I knew it was my last day? Probably in the company of my loved ones - friends, family, BF - out in nature somewhere. In the PNW rainforests overlooking the Pacific Ocean maybe. Just spending quality time making sure the people who are most important to me know it. 

*               *               *

Hope you enjoyed my 50th blog entry at Caution! Reality Check. Happy Blogging!


    1. Hey,

      Thanks for tagging me. I love your personality it is very bubbly.

      I am adding you to my blog list.


    2. I'm answering your questions on Tuesday, missy! Feel free to drop by and have a look. And thanks for tagging me with such amazing questions. I had a ball and a half answering them.

    3. Hello!

      Thank you so much for tagging me here :) I'll answer this on my blog this week, I'm really not sure how this works but I'll try my hardest

      thank you again!

    4. Thank you so much for participating in this. I really enjoyed getting to know you a little bit more with these answers. I'm sorry if they were so difficult, but I really appreciate you for powering through them, and for being one of the first to do it. You rock Morgan!

      Also, Harry Potter books should never be a guilty pleasure. They are a way of life. :)


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