Media Monday: I Just Called

In the midst of the craziness that has been these last few weeks (turning 29 with various birthday celebrations and embracing being only a year away from 30, spending a romantic weekend with my love, being busy at work with the rollercoaster ride of "is our office relocating" and then to top it off yesterday my younger sister and her boyfriend were in a car accident - they're okay) the fact that tomorrow is Valentine's Day just totally skipped my mind.

Which is surprising because I really am a hopeless romantic... even with being hundreds of miles from my BF I still do what I can do keep the romance alive. Love notes, "thinking of you" texts, planning special weekends for when we are together.

To me showing your love doesn't have to be on one particular day - but there's nothing wrong with a day to help us pause in the middle of our chaotic lives and remind us all to say call and say "I love you"


  1. Awww what an awesome song! haha

    I've always had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day for the most part, but I'm not big on V-Day as a couple thing; it's more of a "I love all of my friends, and I'm super grateful for them" kind of day.


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