My Curve ID

Yesterday, as I lay in bed sick and watching Endgame on Hulu, there was an advertisement for Levi's Curve ID. I'd never heard of it. Actually before I went to the Levi website to find my Curve ID I didn't even know that Levi Jeans came in my size. 

Levi is one of those commercials that have models typically size 2 and my brain just shuts off for the duration of their 30 second commercial. But I guess, because I was already in a semi-conscious state of mind, yesterday's commercial actually sunk into my head. The question was though - would they have a Curve ID for me? 

So I put it to the test:

What kind of waist do you have?
Describe your "seat"...haha I loved this one.
How often do you have these fit issues?
Found my "Curve ID"
Not only that but a pair of jeans in my size that I love!
And they're designed for my "Modern Supreme Curves" haha

There are two reasons why this whole thing makes me happy.

1) I'm always on the look out for a great pair of jeans and truth be told, most times "plus-size" jeans might as well come with an AARP membership because HELLO GRANDMA! I'm a young stylish woman who wants a pair of jeans that, let's be honest here, makes her ass look good. I have no time for jeans with elastic waist bands, pleating or that go up under my boobs.

2) Levis are a good pair of jeans. They last forever and I'm tired of only wearing jeans for a few months before they start splitting out or thinning in the thighs. Just because I'm plus-size doesn't mean I don't deserve to wear good quality clothing that lasts and looks good. Me and my Supreme Curves are looking for a good pair of jeans.


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