Media Monday: She Works Hard For the Money

I certainly feel like I'm working hard for my money today. Damn. I mean I consider myself lucky. I have a desk job, in Higher Education, working for wonderful people. But today I'm feeling like I'm running myself ragged to make sure I keep this job.

There is some (possible) restructuring happening in our department. People leaving to go back to school, new positions being created, old ones being reevaluated and altered. And for me I'm wondering where I fit into all of this. There has been some talk about me being promoted (my current position is being turned into a PT position) but then reading through the new (possible) job description I'm starting to wonder and worry. 

Am I really qualified for this job? 
Do I have what they're looking for? 
Will I just be given the job?
Will I be made to interview for it against people who may be more qualified?

I've been worried about this for a while. And today thanks to Iz Originals (good friend in real life as well as fellow blogger) I took that next step and sent an email to my boss asking if we can talk about the job descriptions, what the next steps look like, and my place in all of it. 

Because really, if I'm not offered the job and they are turning my current job into a PT (which I can't live off) I'm going to have to start looking for other employment...which isn't what I want to do.

We're meeting today at 4...and while the restructuring of jobs hasn't been finalized or given the last stamp of approval...I'm hoping that at the end of the meeting my nerves will have been calmed and I may have something exciting to set my eyes on. 

So fingers crossed and please send good ju-ju my way!


  1. Good luck! And man, I am so jealous you have a job...! It's so hard right now to even get an internship or a I'm gonna hide away in a PhD if I can get one but even that is going to be hard... :(

  2. I hope that everything went okay at your meeting! Well done on emailing and arranging a meeting with your boss, I know I would do that if were in your position, but still be nervous!


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