Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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Disclaimer: Even if there isn't a special-someone in your life doesn't mean you can celebrate Valentine's Day. It's a day of love and appreciation for those in your life who you love. I've given flowers to friends and family on this day. So don't let singledom make a Grinch out of you. A few years ago on we took my sister (who had just a few days before broken up with her long-time boyfriend) on a hike at some nearby waterfalls, lunch and just made sure she knew how much we loved her.It's a day to show "love" not just "romance".

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For those of us who do have that special-someone I want to encourage you not to be upset or (even dare I say) angry if your sweetie doesn't celebrate to your expectations. I know women who have gotten down right PISSED at their spouse for "only" giving them a bouquet of flowers...or buying flowers last minute instead of having them delivered to work.... *sigh* Accept whatever they give you with the same love, joy and happiness as if it'd been what your "dream gift" would have been - you know it has come from their heart.

Know that they love you because of the special bond the two of you share. Love isn't only shown once a year. It's something that you feel when you look into the other persons eyes or you feel when their arms are wrapped around you. Something that just takes over you.

Last year a friend suggested I write my BF and my "Love Story". It's a tad non-traditional; although I guess in this day and age more and more people are finding their loves online. 

I'd been single for more years than I like to admit and finally decided it was time to get back out in the dating world - so with the "encouragement" (read pushing) of a best friend I signed up on a dating website. I never expected to find someone I would fall head-over-heals in love with and want to spend my life with.

Sadly we are spending another Valentine's Day apart but, like I mentioned before, showing your love doesn't happen on a single day - only once a year. Two weeks ago we spent an amazing weekend together at a nearby hotel and winery, celebrating my birthday and Valentine's Day and our three year anniversary, and squeezing in as many "dates" as we could in the day and a half we had together. Although, I would have been just as happy spending it snuggled on the couch watching reruns or movies together.

Date 1: Sushi lunch
Date 2: Couples massage
Date 3: Portland Trail Blazers basketball game
Date 4: Happy Hour/Dinner at Power Station Pub
Date 5: Breakfast at Black Rabbit Restaurant

The point is spending time with the people you love. Not getting presents, or flowers, or chocolates. Just quality time honoring that special feeling you give one another.

Because truth be told - I'd give chocolates just to be able to be in the same room right now as my sweetheart.


  1. Every year I've been disappointed on Valentine's Day. I've tried not to be, tried to school myself into not caring, knowing it's really commercial and all that but when Seth doesn't even make a token gesture it makes me really sad. He ends up making up for it the next day but it still hurts a little. This year, since he was training for work, I was so excited about being alone with him that I didn't even focus on the fact that it was Valentine's Day. We went to a bakery together and then went to Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center on our drive home and played video games and went go-karting. It was great day. I hope I can keep this feeling for next year, and surprise him with something he would like to do. Romance works both ways!!


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