The Week S.O.F.A.R

So for those of you who don't know Caution! Reality Check. is on Facebook. Not only are new blog postings posted to the timeline but also pictures, videos and web/news articles that I find intriguing and important. Instead of blog entry after entry with other people's articles I just link them to my Facebook page.

To help promote my FB page - and because I know that (hard as it is to believe) not everyone has FB. So I'm going to start a reoccurring blog entry called The Week S.O.F.A.R (Saturdays Ongoing Facebook Article Recap)*

Apparently this was the week for Vagina's and Valentine's Day.

Here's what I've S.O.F.A.R.

Virgina House getting all up in your vagina

You Didn't Thank Me for Punching You in the Face

National Geographic: Animal Pairs

TVs Romantic Comedies: Hits and Misses

Margaret Cho to Karl Lagerfeld: Fuck You and Your Fucking Glasses

Lady Gaga Reveals Struggle with Bulimia

Guy Explains the Common Catcall

How the GOP Went Back to the 1950s In Just One Day

Eve Ensler - TED Talk August 2011

Even Ensler: Happiness in Body and Soul

*Thank you to my BFF for the patience and assistance in the brainstorming session to come up with this name. :)


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