Welcome 29!!

So despite what some may think - I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating your birthday on multiple days!! Here's how I celebrated the beginning of my last year as a 20something!!

Sunday, January 29th (the Sunday before my birthday) I had dinner with my mom, sisters and one sister's boyfriend. Obviously, as the birthday girl, I got to pick where we went...although I did get feedback from the family. Want to make sure everyone has a good time. Based off amazing reviews and friend recommendations we went to le Bistro Montage over in the Inner Southeast industrial area of Portland.

le Bistro Montage

Felt cozy and swanky without being stuffy

This was my rock shrimp jambalaya. So yummy.

My birthday was in the middle of a work week. But because I have such an amazing staff I celebrated there too.

But after work the family celebrated with Pollos Fonditos (a fried chicken, rice and cheese burrito with cheese sauce) and then for dessert a chocolate cake and mint chocolate ice cream. My younger sister gave me an awesome birthday gift too: Kung Fu Panda 2!!

Pollo fondittos - chicken, rice & bean fried buritto

Kung Fu Panda 2!!

Chocolate cake and Mint Chocolate chip Ice Cream

Other birthday activities included a romantic getaway weekend with my sweetheart at the McMenamins Edgefield location. (I had won a free night stay at any McMenamins a few months ago in a photo contest I entered.)

The picture that won me the
night at McMenamins
Beautiful hotel

I also went to my first Trailblazers game!! For those who might not know I'm not a big sports fan. I'm lucky to remember what teams are what sports. But I've been to a minor league hockey game, multiple pro baseball games, college football (Holiday Bowl) and (my favorite) a roller derby tournament! So now I can mark pro-basketball off my list too (a pro-soccer game is already planned for in summer).

For the record it was fun - but that was most likely because I was with my sweets

And finally, this upcoming weekend I'm having some of the extended family and a few friends over for board games and pizza.

So see, in my opinion there's nothing wrong with celebrating multiple ways for your very special day. And if 29 is anything like how I celebrated it ... it's going to be an amazing year!



  1. Happy late birthday! Looks like it's been a good one? Lovely to meet you :)

  2. I LOVE Montage! The last time I went there my friends made me try frog legs. So awkward to eat, but not terrible. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Wait a minute... I know who took you to that football game... like a million years ago! Hahaha. Can't believe you remember that.

  4. Happy belated birthday :)
    glad you had fun!


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