With Love from Portland

I saw my sweetheart almost a month ago and I'm already jonesing for some more BF time. I'm ready for the next step - for him to move here to Portland. I'm tired of being in separate cities, different states and hundreds of miles away from each other. So I think I'm using my feminine ways to seduce him back to the PNW and show him all the reasons (other than me of course) he should move here. 

Enter my "With Love from Portland" care package. He doesn't know it's coming but I've selected a few Portland items to send him this upcoming weekend. 

Portland Urban Guide, Black Butte Porter beer, Thunderegg, hazelnut brittle,  Heart in Portland sticker,
Beer/Bread yeast microbe, salted hazelnuts, spicy salmon jerky, and Oregon Ducks chapstick

Portland Tribune, Willamette Weekly, Marionberry jelly, HoneyBee chocolate, Coffee Bean soap,
mustache stickers (inside joke), Moonstruck chocolate, and Keep Portland Weird sticker.
(Not shown: WW Finder, Japanese Garden postcards, wallet photo of us together, and mementos from our visit in Feb) 

If you were sending a care package of things from where you live what would you include? 


  1. More than likely, I'd end sending something cactus related. I am in AZ, afterall. It's only natural.

    That looks like an amazing spread. :-)

  2. Awwww this is so cute! Love that 'keep portland weird' sticker!


  3. what an awesome idea! I love it! I think it would be cool to do a swap with other bloggers...send a care package with stuff from their state to someone from another state and vice versa. I'd love to share stuff I love from NC and see what someone else loves from their state!

    1. Suz that's a great idea. I'd totally do that! Wonder what would be the best route? A group on 20sb maybe? Do it chain letter style. If you're interested in participating add your name to a list, you send to the person above you and so on.....We might just need to make this happen.

  4. This is such a cute post idea!!


  5. I plan on transferring to UOregon, and I'm hoping that Oregon is as awesome as everyone says it is! :D

  6. Ah I totally wrote out a long post and it didn't post, sad times! So I found your blog from 20sb and I really like this post- the care package idea not being away from your bf! I've done long distance for 3 months when I went over to the US :/
    When I left though my best friend made me a care package so I wouldn't forget Scotland haha :) it had a Jane Austen novel, a pair of tartan pants haha, a scottish flag tummy bar, a wee 50ml bottle of whiskey and a wee bit of tablet :D I would add maybe haggis to it though :P
    Your bf is going to love how creative this is! :)


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