Almost There

It is (almost) the end of the day on Wednesday, and all I have to say is TGIW (Thank God Its Wednesday...) This has been such a roller coaster of a week and there are still two days to go.

Monday started off with a leftover shit storm from Friday. Working with professional GRADUATE level students you would think (perhaps this is my nativity in the world) that by now they could set aside their own personal needs/wants and look at the bigger picture. Realize there are others in the world besides themselves....and subsequently not shit all over me when things don't go their way. That's all am I asking. Is it really that much?

Yea, you heard me
Tuesday got a little better. It was that smooth part of the roller coaster that makes you think the ride is over before than spinning you upside down and causing you to throw up all over yourself and the man in front of you. Tuesday at least calmed things down in regards to the Monday situation but had other students having tantrums (about whether or not they "had" to flush the toilet while at school....yes, FLUSH THE FUCKING TOILET!!).... then had it's own twist of personal/family-life drama that sometimes is worse and sometimes better than work. At least I did go out to a nice dinner and burlesque show with my mother (yes you read correctly - my mom and I had date night).

Amazing film
Today. Wednesday. Most people hate Wednesdays. I see it as a blessing...usually because it's not Tuesday and it means my week is 1/2 over. Again, couldn't be an easy peaceful Wednesday where I just get work done in preparation for being gone next week (read further for more details), or even for the big film showing and presentation I'm giving tomorrow (where I'm hosting two visitors from the Office of Equity and Human Rights here in Portland). No, no. I had to have a conversation where the phrases "What do you want me to do?" and "I don't have the time" came out of phone receiver - into my ear - and increased my blood pressure (which of course continued to raise as I wrote my boss, and my boss's boss, in case a(nother) shit storm should occur).

Yes, that is the hotel I'm staying at =)
Please. Please. Please.Just let me get through the rest of this week and onto a plane next Tuesday.

Next week my company is sending me to a conference in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm looking to 80 degree weather, sun and relaxing by the pool side...I mean spending my days indoors listening to educational presentations....*coughcough* Yes.  That's what I meant..... 

Whatever I end up doing it'll be nice to get away from the routine of everyday life/work, away from the chaos of family (no matter how much I love them) and just have some time alone in a giant luxury hotel bed with quiet dinners alone.... *sigh*

I promise to share pictures from my trip next week and hopefully will come back more relaxed and less likely to throw someone off a roof.


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