Am I an Adult?

You ever have days when you feel like you're just...

...days when you question...

In our society there are "milestones" that are supposed to tell us that we've reached adulthood - getting a job, getting an education, getting your own place, getting married, having children, etc. What happens when you are nearly 30 and haven't reached all these milestones? 

Does that mean I'm not an adult? I certainly don't feel like ones at times. 

Life was so much easier when we were younger. I remember playing dress up and pretending to be an adult, thinking this was all there was to adulthood:

...little did I know it's more like this:

Sure there are times when I've felt more "adult" than I want (i.e., this weekend signing 1/3 of my paycheck to the IRS for the taxes I somehow owe them) but most days

I know I can't be alone here. There have to be others that feel this way too. Maybe I'm just missing something, maybe what I am feeling is being an adult. Somehow there must be more. 

How old were you or what "milestone" did you go through that made you "feel like an adult"? Or is there really no such thing as "becoming" an adult these days?


  1. I completely agree! I just accepted my first big girl job and my Big (from my sorority) texted me and asked me "So how does it feel to be a big girl now?" UGH. It freakin blows. I do not want to have to pay student loans and health insurance and all the other stuff that comes along with it.

    I'd rather stay in the 8th grade learning about prepositions and World Geography.

    1. Congrats on your first big girl job! I agree that student loans and (paying for) health insurance is a pain but it has got to be better than 8th grade!! Haha. :) Congrats again.

  2. I totally hear you. I am graduating college this summer, and I am so not at all prepared for this adult thing. Sure, I live on my own and have a job now, but the fact that I'm in school gives me a feeling that I'm still not quite "grown" yet.. but I'm going to have to face that soon. Bleh!

    1. Yea. But right after college is an understandable time to experience these feelings. Wait until you've been out of school seven years and if you're still having these feelings...then wel'll talk. Haha. :)

  3. I am an adult and feels like an adult (already). Maybe I should better use the term "adult" more whenever I realize something that makes me feel like a real grown-up person. I usually say I'm "old" already. Probably that is not the rightest thing for I'm only 33 :). I say I'm "old" every time I feel that I know so well what younger people are doing and to where they are being led to. I'm an adult but always young at heart.

  4. I LOVED reading this post. I feel like this all the time. It was precisely at all of the milestone that mark adulthood (college graduation, signing my first job contract, moving in with my boyfriend) that I couldn't have felt less like an adult. Love that you can find some humor in this though. That was just what I needed to read today!


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