First Date Tips (My Ass)

10 Tips for a Great First Date

1. Keep it short - Only do speed dating.
2. Pick the Perfect Place - Because the perfect place means everything else will be perfect.
3. Play it Safe - You mean I shouldn't get into the back of his big white windowless van?

4. Keep a Good Attitude - Damn!
5. Be Yourself - Um? So nix the British accent and saying I'm a professional poker player?
6. Watch Your Wardrobe. - Is it going to do tricks?
7. Be a Good Listener - Stare at his/her mouth really hard like you're lip reading.
8. Ask Instead of Grill - So an interrogation room isn't the "Perfect Place" you mentioned before?
9. Maintain the Mystery - So be yourself but mysterious at the same time? PICK ONE!
10. Keep an Open Mind - So he/she can hypnotize you and lure you in.

Let's first start with saying that I'm not disagreeing or saying these "10 Tips for a Great First Date" aren't valid or a good idea. I'm all for playing it safe, staying sober (duh), dressing flirty but not hoochy, keeping an open mind all of it. 

But let's be honest. Even when you follow all of these "golden rules" you still have a chance of it going horribly wrong, of them (or you) making a complete ass out of them/yourself or of there being no chemistry and just sitting there in awkward silence.

When the BF and I were broken up (for those four mind warping months) I had put myself back out there - more to remind myself that he wasn't the only man who would find me attractive than to actually find someone knew. When I finally did make that first long awaited "first date" with someone - I certainly was given all these "Golden Rules" to follow.

It's not that it was bad just doesn't matter when the other person doesn't also have those same little birdies whispering in there ear. That's when you end up having a first date you can't leave soon enough and end up blogging about on your way home from: case in point.

I just think that blogs, websites, books and friends/family need to stop filling our heads with these ideas of how to make a first (second, third or tenth) date go smooth and realize that dating is a two way street...and sometimes a dead end.


  1. The problem with a lot of these websites/magazines is that they assume all men and all women are the same. Something that one person doesn't mind, might be taken the wrong way by another one. I think that's why so many people try these tips/advice and get nowhere.

  2. I agree with you and Robin. No one is the same, so how can they expect these outlines to work for everyone. Dating is difficult- its been a couple of months since I've been on a date. And even longer since I've been on a first date. Currently I'm in the process of being asked out. -.- How is that even possible? Well this guy has asked me out, yet he hasn't even planned when the date will take place. So it now remains a process. Weird I know.

    1. Not weird at all. I remember what that was like before I met my husband.


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