Gap Teeth

Last night, as I was lying in bed watching New Girl on Hulu (<-- only watched the first two episodes....thoughts perhaps coming soon), a Rimmel London commercial. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with these commercial's here's one for their newest lipstick (and no, I'm not getting paid in any way for showing their ad)

Lauren Hutton rockin' a gap!
This was the second one I've seen with their newest spokesperson Georgia May Jagger. And I have to say I think I may start using Rimmel London just because they've hired Ms. Jagger (Mick's youngest daughter). 

The reason I'm so proud of Rimmel London (and yes, I'm sure there are reasons I shouldn't be) is because they didn't mind a model with a gap in her front teeth. So many other agencies and companies would have either 1) asked Georgia May to wear caps on her teeth or 2) gone with a different model all together. 

Any time there are celebrities who are willing to rock the gap-tooth (Lauren Hutton, Madonna, Anna Paquin, and Natalie Cole to name a few)  it makes me a little less self-aware of mine... 

I myself have a small gap between my teeth, apparently small enough that one of my aunts didn't notice it until I mentioned it to her but large enough that when I was younger it was something I was self conscious about. 

In some ways I've started to just embrace it and when I smile it's a BIG TOOTHY SMILE! I've always had compliments on my smile so why be ashamed or try to hid every bit of it!

Yes, there are bits-and-pieces of me that I haven't been able to embrace as well, or as easily, as my gap-teeth... but the point is that we all have these slight "imperfections" and really aren't these what make us each unique and perfect in our own ways? 


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