Guest Blogger Wanted

Work and life are just getting a little soul-sucking right now and I could really use a day a the spa. However, I think what I'm going to look for instead is a Guest don't even have to have a preexisting blog. 

I'm open to most anything - just want it to be something my readers can relate, relationships, love, the trials and tribulations (haha) of being an adult, a top 40 list of the best whatever....I'm open. 

It's a great way (too) - if you do have a blog - for us to exchange readers and grow our followers. 

So if you're interested let me know here or over at Caution! Reality Check's facebook page


  1. Hmmm...well, I have some snark, I have some heart, I have big boobs and hips and I'm fighting one hell of a battle with depression. I'm a trainwreck, and everyone wants to watch those, right?

    1. Yay for snark, heart boobs and hips! And I'm my own trainwreck from time to time so I think you'll fit right in.


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