Fashion Friday: National Cleavage Day

This morning wasn't unlike most mornings. I was woken up by my large momma-cat, telling me it was breakfast time (even though the alarm wouldn't go off for another ten or fifteen minutes). Went through the motions of washing my face, putting on makeup, checking the weather forecast before picking out my clothes for the day. 

Fridays I usually go more casual and wear jeans. But going out this evening for a comedy show I thought I'd spruce myself up a little more with a great purple blouse and my slacks. Little did I know, when slipping into one of my more "revealing" shirts that I was going to be showing off The Girls on National Cleavage Day.

That is until I saw a friends FB posting (which she tagged me in) telling us all to make sure we "celebrated"!

I'll be honest, I've heard of many faux-holidays but National Cleavage Day was one I hadn't heard of. Apparently it was started by the makers of the Wonderbra....which, FYI, was created by...can you guess?? A MAN. (Wonderbra's current CEO happens to also be...A MAN).

Now I have no problem with cleavage. I typically tell people that I have cleavage in a turtle-neck (read: big boobs). I do, however, think there is a difference between feeling confident in your body and liking to show a little extra skin....and just pushing the girls up and out so much they look like they're going to cut off your airway.

So, for today's Fashion Friday I thought I'd share some of my thoughts regarding Good/Bad or the Dos and Don'ts of "Cleavage". 

Good Cleavage:


Bad Cleavage:

Butt Cleavage - Don't.

Giant fake boob Cleavage - Don't

Eating a kitten Cleavage - Don't

Back Cleavage - Don't

So go out and celebrate being a woman, whatever size boobs you have, but let's try and keep it classy....


  1. OH MY WORD! that bad cleavage is really bad!!



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