The Week S.O.F.A.R.

Racist Hunger Games Fans are Very Disappointed - Honestly I don't give a rats ass if racists are disappointed. Good! Get over it. We need more diversity in our movies.

Miss Universe Canada Abruptly Kicks Transgender Contestant out of Pageant - Like I said on FB. Just another reason to hate Trump. 

A Bright Idea - A hilarious blog entry over at Holly's House about using your husbands razor

Being Feminine Doesn't Make Me Weak - Because I love rockin' a bow in my hair, skirts and girlie things. 

"Engagement's" Shocking Anti-Asian trailer - Some may say this is being too pick about race; too "PC" but I like the article says "Just imagine the political consequences of swapping “This Korean” for “This Mexican” or “This African.” It wouldn’t — and shouldn’t — be done. Why, then, do we laugh when Jason Segel’s Asian conquests are referred to by race?". Good point. 

5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women - I'm not saying I think this is true for ALL men...or even most men. But it does make a good point about how pop-culture and the media portray women to men.  


  1. Oh My WORD!! I clicked on that hunger games link and I am astonished!! Major fail!



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