Am I Awful?

So I was indulging in Pinterest today, an addiction I admit, just trying to kill time before a presentation I had to give for work (we'll call this Pinterest play my "dinner break").

Anyway, my boards are everything from food (appetizers, savory and sweet treats), items for the home/bedroom/kitchen, DIY projects, pin-ups, ink (tattoos), my style of fashion, etc etc. 

I pin a wide variety of things. And I tend to "follow all" of my friends boards - whether I really am interested in it or not (farming tips, their favorite unicorn pictures, etc) because I just never know when something might get pinned that I fall in love with and have to have/do/buy/make. 

Everything that is (and this is where the question Am I Awful? comes in) but two exceptions....

Weddings and Babies.

It's not that I'm against either of those things. I hope to have both of those in my future. However, the last thing I want to see when I'm bored and mindlessly pinning is boards named "When I Say I Do", "One Day in White", "Bun in the Oven" and/or "Preggers"

I'm sure when it comes time for me to plan a wedding or have a baby I'll use Pinterest for a source of inspiration. But I guess, for now, I see pinning these as just reminding me what I don't have in my life. 

I think what gets me the most is seeing this from people I know are not engaged and/or pregnant.

I realize Pinterest is (in it's own way) a "waste of time" but why waste even more time by pinning and pine over things/items/DIYideas that aren't relevant to your life? 

Please feel free to enlighten me if you do this and can explain to me why.


  1. Nah--you're not awful. I don't follow everything from friends on Pinterest. Only selected boards. I fisure I waste enough time without cluttering my page with crap I can less about


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