Searching for Onion Marmalade

So I have this giant bag of sweet vidalia onions sitting at home and while I'm planning on making French Onion Soup this week that won't use them all up. 

My mother had the idea of making Onion Marmalade - for having in salads, on sandwiches, with grilled chicken, etc. Trouble is I've never made an Onion Marmalade...or any kind of marmalade I have no idea where to begin. 

I've looked online and of course was overwhelmed by the thousands of recipes. But I want something someone I know has tried before, it doesn't even have to be someone I "KNOW" can be anyone but I want them to say "Try my recipe. It's the best because....."

So yes. If you are know of an Onion Marmalade recipe please pass it my way. 

Happy Eating.


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