A to Z - All About Me (A & B)

I read the A to Z April Blogging Challenge over at FromRachel xo. I don't know how good I'll be at this (let's be honest I'm not the most consistent blogger) but I think if I don't try to stretch these out too long then they'll be some fun and quick "Get to Know Me" entries.

Since April 1st was yesterday I'll do A and B today.

A is for Aquarius. I have fun with Astrology...don't believe it's "science" in any way but it's fun nonetheless. My birthday is on Ground Hogs day 2/2 which makes me an Aquarius. I looked up some "likes" and "dislikes" typical of Aquarians and I think they fit me pretty well. 

Fighting for Causes
Dreaming and Planning for the Future
Thinking of the Past
Good Companions
Having Fun

Full of Air Promises
Excessive Loneliness
The Ordinary

B is for Big Sister. I have one biological sister who is eight years younger than I am. My mother loves to tell the story of how angry I was when my mom/dad told me they were going to have a baby. I didn't want a baby brother/sister. I didn't ask to have a baby brother/sister and (according to the story) I was one pissed off eight year old. 

Can you blame me though? Eight years of being a spoiled only child Italian Daddy's Princess?

HOWEVER, I make sure to always add the epilogue to the story... which is when my uncle and I went to the hospital, to see my parents and new baby sister,  we ran into my father running down the hallway with the doctors and my sister in her bassinet (on the way to the nursery). And it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. 

She became my little angel. We may not get along all the time but she's my baby sissy and I love her to pieces.

Well there you have it. The A and B of me. 

Anyone want to take bets on if I actually post "C" tomorrow? Haha. ;) Just kidding.


  1. I don't put a lot of stock into astrology, but it tickles me (in a good way) when it matches up with my personality. And I was in the same boat as you when I found out about my first half sister. My stepmom got pregnant when I was 17! I was prepared to hate the spawn, but as soon as I saw her I just couldn't feel anything but love.


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