A to Z - All About Me (C)

(Baby) Luna eventually ate these fish.
C is for Crazy Cat Lady. I have three cats. I know...I know... I'm on my way to "Crazy Cat lady" status.

However, as I mentioned in an older Surviving-20something blog there are different kinds of cat-ladies and I will not be the type you find three days after I've died being consumed by my 30 feral beasts.

It started off, as it always does, with just one. My sweet (fat) momma cat Luna. We found her in our neighbors yard. Let's just say we "rescued" her from a life of fleas and kitten-producing. She was "supposed to be my mom's cat" but like all animals they choose their owners. She is a lover though and will cuddle anyone who let's her. At the end of the day though, she's my Luna-Lu. 
This is Asha just before I got her

Then there is Asha (which means "a great desire" in Hindi), my longhair calico ragamuffin. I adopted her from a family (off Craigslist) when I was living in San Diego. I had Luna, but she was used to having other cats to play with. So I thought I'd get a companion for her. Really!! My family never believes me when I say this. Haha. 
Sable was just a little peanut when I
first brought her home.

Six months (or so) after I got Asha, at our annual Yule party, a friend of mine started showing me pictures of the three part-Siamese kittens her cats just had....and asking "didn't I want one". They were soooo adorable. But I resisted....until just after New Years when I called her and told her I wanted the little girl. That is how my Sable came into my life. 

So there you have it. Three cats. I may be a cat lady. And I may be a little crazy. But just watch who you're calling a "crazy cat lady"

Luna - all grown up. Look at those big bright eyes.

Asha is a Momma's Girl but she is your typical
"Pretty Girl" can be a bitch when she wants to.

My sweet sweet pea-brained Sable. She
def has a few screws loose but I love her.


  1. First of all, I love what you've done with your site!

    Secondly, I'm a cat lady too. I want a new cat BAD, but I don't want to clean up the mess. And the cats I have gotten in the past always seem to run away for some reason. Not into having that heartbreak happen again.

    Your cats are beautiful though. Especially Asha!

    1. Thanks B.

      Asha is a pretty girl. But then I'm her mama so of course I think all my girls are beautiful. ;)

      I totally hear you on not wanting to go through the heartbreak. All my cats are indoor only (although they do sit in the window longing to go outside...NOT GONNA HAPPEN). Pans are gross but then so are diapers. (I'm referring to having children not putting diapers on cats just FYI)

      And thanks for the kudos about the site. I had it plain for so long because I couldn't figure out what kind of feel I wanted. But I realized I needed something feminine but edgy and dark and the same time. Just like me. ;) haha

  2. I remember that cute little black kitten climbing all over everything, and those fish. And then not having the fish. Can't believe that you have had that fur ball that long!

    1. I know right! Luna is (if we did the math right) about 12 or 13 years old.

  3. I miss having cats! One of these days my husband is going to come home and a cat will greet him at the door.


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