A to Z - All About Me (D)

D is for Daughter.

Me, Mom & Little Sis last Mother's Day
I thought I'd mention my mom a little in one of these. Since she was/is such a big part of my life and how I became the woman I am. 

My mother was a stay at home mom, for me, until she and my father got a divorce - I was 9 and my sister was (approx) 6 months old. She then picked her emotional and heartbroken self up and did her best to support two children and be there for her own recently-widowed mother. 

She worked whatever job she could - dishwasher, waitress, cashier at Walmart - all the while taking herself back to school. Eventually she made her way up to be a manager for Hilton. She never settled for less than all she could. And she made sure us girls knew it too. 

Momma and Me
When it came time for me to graduate high school and pick a college. She told me not to worry about the cost; we'd find a way. And even though she put herself thousands of dollars in debt to help me pay for school with loans - she made sure I went to the school of my dreams. 

No matter what life throws at her she does her best to conquer the world and she's instilled this into me as well. I love her with all my heart. My mother and my friend.


  1. Awww, you are lucky and blessed to have such a hardworking mother



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