A to Z - All About Me (E)

E is for Educated.

I'm not really sure how to explain my undergraduate experience to anyone. I try and they just shake their head in disbelief like I've told them on some fantastical land and they don't really believe me. I guess it doesn't help when I start off telling people what my degree is.

I have a B.A. in Unity in Diversity Studies: Historical and Cultural Studies of Spirituality.


I swear that's what is written on my diploma! That's what kind of degree you get (one with colons) when you go to an interdisciplinary liberal arts college.

And when you mix that with a living learning community this is what you get:

Parties with live music on the stairs of a dorm.

Spray painted mascots on sidewalks

Furniture sculptures that appear over night

A giant man trying to fit into a tiny duffel bag

Mysterious penguins on the ceilings

And Smokey the Bear as a floor mascot

And the thing is this program sticks with you long after you've graduated. Heck, I'm co-chairing our 45th anniversary reunion for 2014!! (Here are some pictures from the last reunion and what happens as an Alumni)

Your pot-lucks are called "Grazes" and you make sure you have horns.

You send emails with a rooster head just to bother your friends.
Hundreds of you flock "home" for the reunion
Even if it means getting 3rd degree burns from poorly built firepits
(Yes, that was me)
Just so you can honor one another for our accomplishes in life

This is my EDUCATION


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